Meet your custom USB memory stick needs without breaking the bank

At Print USB, we offer the perfect custom USB memory stick to meet your needs. We also have a wide selection of related accessories, and our products are made with eco-friendly parts.

Thanks to our extensive technical knowledge and years of industry expertise, the team at Print USB is able to build the best flash drive you’ll ever find at a price that will impress.

Market yourself better with a custom USB memory stick

A custom USB stick can be a great marketing strategy – it will expand the visibility of your brand and can help you stand head and shoulders above other businesses in your sector. Look through our designs – once you’ve settled on one, our team will step in and help you customize it. We guarantee you’ll get a lasting return on your investment.

Contact us today for more information or for an instant quote – call (877) 442-7465 or pick up your quote online. Alternatively, call (310) 356-7911 for Quick Ship options, which are available on selected models. They’ll be shipped within three days.

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Go eco-friendly with custom USB memory sticks made from wood

The pressure on modern businesses to conform to eco-friendly practices increases by the day. This is why you should add Print USB custom USB memory sticks to your office space. They’re a great way to reduce paper waste, and thanks to our design innovations, they’re even greener than the industry average.

While traditional flash and USB drives are constructed from synthetic materials such as plastic, at Print USB you can opt for a wooden drive. Flash your wooden USB stick to a client or customer and show them once and for all that you’re committed to keeping your carbon footprint in check.


Buying your custom USB memory sticks

Like all Print USB products, wooden drives can be purchased in a variety of colors, shapes and finishes. For more information, or to place an order, call a member of our team today at (877) 442-7465 or email

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Grow Brand Awareness with Promotional USB

USBs are commonly used to store files, photos and audio. Once your client starts using your customized promotional USB, your brand will seldom be out of sight around the office.  Available in multiple shapes, sizes and colors, Print USB’s extensive catalog also comes with environmentally-friendly components.

Promotional USB for Important Corporate Events

Whether you’re preparing for your industry’s most important tradeshow, or a make-or-break presentation, a branded USB can ensure your business continues to make the right impression, long after hands have been shaken and business cards misplaced.

Print USB starts taking orders at just 100 units. Plus, if your business is a fledgling startup, we offer additional discounts.  Need your USB ASAP? Ask a member of the Print USB team about our Quick Ship plans. Call 310-356-7911, today, and your order could be shipped in as little as 1-3 days. Please note: additional charges may apply.

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Compact, Powerful USB Stick Custom Made

Bulk order your business’ new USB stic.k custom made from Print USB and save. The compact, yet powerful, portable storage device has all but replaced floppy disks and CD-ROMs, thanks to its durability and reliability.

USB Stick Custom Made by Print USB

If your business needs to make an impression at an upcoming corporate event or presentation, ditch branded stationary, mugs and more — in favor of custom USB sticks. At Print USB, our extensive catalog is home to drives in all different shapes and storage capacities.

Purchase USB Stick Custom Made in Bulk

Don’t let your competitors snatch away your next marketing opportunity, because you underestimated how popular custom made USBs can be. Fortunately, the more USB you order from Print USB, the more cost-effective they become. Are you a new startup? You’ll be pleased to learn we also offer discounts to you on smaller orders.

For any questions regarding Print USB’s products, contact a member of the Print USB team at 877-442-7465.

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The branding power of personalized USB drives

Few marketing products are as ‘sticky’ as the unassuming USB drive. It can very quickly go from an empty vessel to an item its owner never leaves for the office without.

Quality, reliable personalized USB drives, like those offered by Print USB, will ensure your brand is noticed time and time again, long after business cards have been misplaced and bulky print outs have been thrown away.

USB orders from Print USB start at just 100 units. We offer an array of colors, sizes and shapes, so you’re guaranteed to find something that suits your brand.

Personalized USB drives

With marketing collateral such as pens, calendars and mugs viewed increasingly as quaint, isn’t it time your modernized your business’ image, starting with affordable, usable USB drives?

If you have any questions regarding our product catalog, contact a member of the team at 877.442.7465.

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Keep your brand in hand with USB flash drive custom made

Print USB’s products are as flexible as they are practical. Available in various sizes, colors and shapes, your clientele will find them infinitely useful when it comes to storing important files, photos and audio.

Ensure your brand is always just a glance away thanks to our USB flash drive custom made. What’s more, we use eco-friendly components to make we’re all doing our bit for the environment.

USB drive custom made: Purchasing in larger quantities

Planning a big presentation or tradeshow event? You don’t want to risk running out of promotional materials such as USB drives. It will ensure that your target audience has access to your brand message for far longer than the five minute conversation you have at a busy industry event. Unlike paper-based marketing materials, it’s less likely to get thrown away due to bulk.

Print USB’s minimum order is 100 units. Speak to a member of our customer service team to learn about the discounts available to startups.

Need your USBs yesterday? We offer Quick Ship options; call 877.442.7465 for more information.

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