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Keep your brand in hand with USB flash drive custom made

Print USB’s products are as flexible as they are practical. Available in various sizes, colors and shapes, your clientele will find them infinitely useful when it comes to storing important files, photos and audio.

Ensure your brand is always just a glance away thanks to our USB flash drive custom made. What’s more, we use eco-friendly components to make we’re all doing our bit for the environment.

USB drive custom made: Purchasing in larger quantities

Planning a big presentation or tradeshow event? You don’t want to risk running out of promotional materials such as USB drives. It will ensure that your target audience has access to your brand message for far longer than the five minute conversation you have at a busy industry event. Unlike paper-based marketing materials, it’s less likely to get thrown away due to bulk.

Print USB’s minimum order is 100 units. Speak to a member of our customer service team to learn about the discounts available to startups.

Need your USBs yesterday? We offer Quick Ship options; call 877.442.7465 for more information.

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Get your brand in hand with a mini USB drive from Print USB

Some companies think that when it comes to marketing, bigger always equals better. Print USB knows this isn’t always the case.

While no more than the size of a quarter, our mini USB drive is a big hit with our customers and can soon become just as popular with yours. In fact, much like house keys and cell phones, your customers may find that they will seldom leave home without it. This in itself is branding gold.

Customizing your mini USB drive order

Although diminutive, this tiny USB drive can store between 8G and 12GB. Both sides are printable and multiple color options are supported. Add to your mini USB’s appeal with password protection, a key ring attachment, or metal cap.

Once you’ve placed your order with Print USB (a minimum of 100 units is required) we will deliver your order in approximately three weeks. Express service is also available, which allows delivery in as little as 1 to 3 days. Contact us at 877.442.7465 for more information.

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USB drives custom made: collateral your clients will keep

No tradeshow goodie bag is complete without USB drives custommade to suit your brand. At Print USB, we offer tailored solutions including multiple sizes, shapes and colors. You’re guaranteed to find a design that fits your business’s needs. What’s more, our USB are made from eco-friendly parts. Now you can be technologically savvy as well as green-minded.

Bulk USB drives custom made

If you’re pitching to a major client and you want to leave your proposal with the people that matter, forget about printing a copy for every key stakeholder. A USB drive can hold any supporting documentation and will show your ongoing commitment to the environment while you’re at it.

Print USB minimum orders start at 100 units. If your order is less than 250 units you will be required to pay a setup fee.

Need your USBs urgently? Our Quick Ship options mean we can often complete your job within one to three days. Contact a member of the Print USB team at 877.442.7465 to learn more.


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Purchase your custom USB drives today

Whatever custom USB drives your business has its heart set on, Print USB can deliver. We offer personalized USB solutions to each and every client, including a comprehensive selection of colors, styles, sizes and branding options.

Whether you’re in need of bulk USB drives to get your brand noticed at industry events, or a small order for the company pitch that could make or break a new product, our products are as durable as they are eye catching.

Custom USB drives

We accept orders for USB drives in excess of 100 units. Of course, larger orders equal significant savings.

Unlike some traditional promotional material, like pens, mugs and calendars, USB drives will be utilized by your clientele time and time again as they store more and more important information on them.

To place your next order for branded USB drives, simply contact a member of the Print USB team today at 877.442.7465.



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Promote your business with branded USB drive mini products

While mugs, pens and calendars may be the old go-to giveaways, are you missing a trick with your more tech-savvy clientele?

As company culture evolves, so too do the tools they use day to day. That’s why branded USB drive mini products are guaranteed to get your business’ name in front of the right people time and time again.


USB drive mini: practical and durable

Branded USB drives aren’t a ‘use once then throw away’ item. In all likelihood, your clientele will use them daily, for months if not years to come. After all, it’s where they’ll store files, pictures, music and presentations.

Print USB offers USBs that can be tailored to your business’ specific needs. They boast both durability and excellent return on investment.

Call a member of the Print USB team today at 877-442-7465 or request a quote online.

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There Are Different Styles of a Custom USB Memory Flash Drive

A custom USB memory flash drive comes in different styles, designs and storage sizes. You can choose from designs such as swivel, standard, credit card, pocket knife, and key chain styles. Each style can be imprinted with specific information, such as your company name, your name, phone number or logo. You can even match your corporate colors with most styles.

The Amount of Storage on a Custom USB Memory Will Vary

The storage size you want available on a custom USB memory flash drive is your decision. You can choose from a minimum storage size of 128 MB all the way up to 8 GB. Not all storage sizes are available with each type of style or design of flash drive. When you have a specific storage size in mind, you will want to look at those drives, which meets this requirement.

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