Get your brand in hand with a mini USB drive from Print USB


Some companies think that when it comes to marketing, bigger always equals better. Print USB knows this isn’t always the case.

While no more than the size of a quarter, our mini USB drive is a big hit with our customers and can soon become just as popular with yours. In fact, much like house keys and cell phones, your customers may find that they will seldom leave home without it. This in itself is branding gold.

Customizing your mini USB drive order

Although diminutive, this tiny USB drive can store between 8G and 12GB. Both sides are printable and multiple color options are supported. Add to your mini USB’s appeal with password protection, a key ring attachment, or metal cap.

Once you’ve placed your order with Print USB (a minimum of 100 units is required) we will deliver your order in approximately three weeks. Express service is also available, which allows delivery in as little as 1 to 3 days. Contact us at 877.442.7465 for more information.

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  • Greg Sachs