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Logo Flash Drives Put Your Company Name Out in Front

The hope for any company that gives out promotional items is that their customers will see their name and contact information throughout the year and will call them when they need them. But it does not always work this way, customers can only use so many calendars before they start to end up in the trash and pens never seem to stay where they are put for one reason or another. Logo flash drives will get used over and over again and are a perfect place to put your name and contact information.

Logo Flash Drives Get Your Brand the Exposure You Need

As well as drawing customers, logo flash drives can also help you get the exposure to your brand that you need. Flash drives can be customized to be an effective part of your branding strategy, in addition you can preload your flash drives with promotional materials including videos that will help in your branding and promotional efforts.

How to Transfer Word Documents to a USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives can be used to store a wide variety of data, from music to photographs.  Word documents and PDF files also fit comfortably on a USB flash drive, and because of the tiny amount of space taken up by these files relative to the capacity of a custom USB drive, it’s possible to save an enormous number of documents.  Saving word files to a flash drive is a simple process:

  • Plug the flash drive into the proper place—this will be a horizontal, rectangular USB slot.
  • Make a new folder on the desktop (by right-clicking and selecting New, then Folder).
  • Drag your word documents to the new folder.
  • Now go find the flash drive directory.  This can be accomplished by clicking Start, then Computer.
  • Drag the entire folder you just created onto the flash drive directory.  Wait until the process is completed (never take out a flash drive while files are being copied!).

If you have only a few documents to transfer, then there’s no need to create a new folder—that step is intended to make it easier to deal with large numbers of files.  Alternatively, you can also save a file directly to the USB flash drive:  simply open the file and use the Save As function to copy it.

Cheap Branded Flash Drives Can Be a Good Investment

Branded flash drives offer you a number of options when it comes to marketing, You can use your flask drives to distribute materials, while at the same time branding your company with your custom molded design and logo. Flash drives not only save on paper they are far more likely to be viewed for the curiosity factor alone, and most people will not toss a flash drive in the garbage when they are done looking at it but rather will put it in a desk drawer where it will be available when they next need it.

Branded Flash Drives Offer a Better Return

If you want advertising that is going to get the attention that it deserves, branded flash drives may represent a bit more of an investment, but the return on your investment is likely to be much better, since it is not every day that a company uses a flash drive to advertise their services and products.

The Components of a USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives are highly versatile devices:  They’re small enough to be easily transported from one location to another, they take up very little storage space, and they can hold virtually all file types.  These useful drives are composed of exactly four essential parts:

  • USB plug (or connector) – This type-A (rectangular) USB plug is the part inserted into the computer.
  • Flash memory chip – This is the part that contains the data.  These memory chips are available in a wide range of capacities, from less than 1 GB to 256 GB.
  • Crystal oscillator – This regulates the USB drive’s data output.
  • USB mass storage controller – A square black microcontroller.

USB flash drives may also include optional features such as test pins, write-protect switches, and a hole to allow a keychain attachment.  PrintUSB carries a wide variety of custom USB drives available in many styles, with personalization services provided on request.

Branded Flash Drives Are an Environmentally Sound Choice

Being environmentally friendly as a company means making the best use out of the world’s resources, when small branded flash drives can carry all of your promotional literature and catalogs on one tiny drive why would you use paper to print them. Flash drives offers a reusable and small package that can be used to store any of your documents and save the need for printing them on paper, paper that will likely end up in a landfill in a year or so.

We Offer a Full Range of Custom Branded Flash Drives

More and more companies are turning to branded flash drives as a way to advertise their company as well as to distribute materials that are too large to distribute in another way, or can seem overwhelming to a potential customer that receives them. We offer custom branded flash drives that can be preloaded with any of your documents.

USB Drives Are an Eco Friendly Option

As a business or organization finding a cost effective way to reliably distribute your materials to those who need them is a prime concern. As the cost of paper and ink are increasing and the need to conserve resources becomes more of an issues more companies are turning to alternatives that can allow them to distribute their electronic materials in an more eco-friendly and efficient manner.USB drives represent the future in document distribution as their cost is becoming more affordable and the cost of preloading them is rapidly becoming competitive with printing the same documents.

We Can Provide You with a Range of USB Drives

We can produce your USB drives in bulk and preload them with the documents that you intend to distribute, these can include catalogs, training information and promotional campaigns. Regardless of what your specific needs are Print USB can help you come up with a custom solution to meet those needs.