Promotional USB Drives

Giving out USB promotional drives will surely make a good impression on your client, because of the gift’s one-of-a-kind nature. Usually, when other companies send out promo materials, the receivers end up getting pens, staplers, and other overly-common items. Instead of becoming a useful souvenir, they end up with the excess office supplies, or simply being discarded. By giving promotional flash drives as gifts, you can make sure that they will always be used — which will work to your advertising advantage.

Promotional Flash Drives

A promotional USB drive can be fully personalized to advertise your company with custom brand imprinting, lanyards, and pre-loaded data. Choose from a long list of design options for your flash drives that are made to be fully functional, while being eye-catching and unforgettable, as well.

The effectiveness of the USB drives’ promotional value stems from their high usability and portability. They can become an essential part of your client’s toolkit, while also becoming a daily advertisement for your company, whenever they are used. Also, since they are such a helpful gift, this can be seen as a way of showing how much you value your client.

Take client relations to a whole new level, with these useful USB drives’ promotional capabilities, and spread the word about your company in a highly effective way. Your client is sure to be impressed.

At, we know that promotional USB drives are a missed opportunity. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes and you will quickly understand how a customized flash drive makes a fantastically useful advertising tool.

So, what makes a promotional USB a great, memorable and useful item?

Why not confound your clients’ expectations and give them something that is not only practical, but also that carries your brand name and preloaded contact information, as well as sales material? has promotional USB drive options which easily fulfill these criteria. We offer customized options for your promotional items, including preloaded data, customized shapes, and accompanyingUSB lanyards for your customized flash drives — all at wholesale flash drive prices!

This free gift will make a unique statement and help show your client how important they are. Our promotional flash drives can become part of your client’s toolkit, going with them from office to office, and even, office to home. USB jump drives have a huge variety of uses and can be a lifesaver, when the need to transport data arises. Each time your client uses one of these jump drives, they’ll be reminded of your company — because your information is engraved on the drive.

Here at we can take the usefulness of your gift to another level by including pre-loaded information on USB drives. Just imagine the possibilities: You can give out promotional USB drives with sales information, PDFs of brochures or even a special Holiday message that contains all your contact information. Whatever you choose, there will still be plenty of capacity left for your client to make full use of the drive.

Why not stand out from the crowd this year? Give a promotional item that your client will welcome, and impress him or her with your forethought. A flash drive will stand head and shoulders above the same old run-of-the-mill items your competitors will be giving out.

More useful than another coffee cup, better for the waistline than a box of chocolates and infinitely more practical than another calendar, promotional USB drives are a gift that your client will use — again and again.

PrintUSB offers a wide range of custom USB & flash drives that are ideal for tradeshows, branded giveaways, and other event-related marketing strategies. These customized USB drives will help your company save time, space, and money doing the advertising work for you. Promotional USB drives are the perfect solution for tradeshow giveaways. We even offer bulk and wholesale pricing.