Preloaded USB Drives

Data Preloading transforms your USB drive into an extremely effective marketing tool putting your company’s message directly in the hands of a receptive audience. A data preloaded USB drives also provide your clients with a convenient tool to store and transfer their own files and data.

“Preloading” is when files are loaded directly onto the USB drives before they are shipped to you and your customers. You can preload pretty much any file you can create on a computer, now matter how voluminous, whether it’s a presentation, music, photos, product information, catalogs, or other data. Examples of the types of files other companies have loaded onto PrintUSB drives include: presentations in PowerPoint format, PDF’s of brochures and catalogs and even movie scripts, Photos (jpeg), student agendas or calendars in Excel format, and many more.

When you decide to preload, you have the option to make your information either erasable or non-erasable. Choosing erasable format allows the files to be changed or erased and will free up the drive for personal use. With the non-eraseable format, the files can not be changed or erased, although the remaining space on the USB drive can still be for personal use.

Another popular service we offer is called Auto-Run. This takes preloading one step further by making the data immediately accessible to the recipient. When the drive is plugged in, the data will automatically load up on the computer and be presented to the user. Your USB’s can be manufactured so that your information is shown to the user each time they use your drive. With your logo displayed on the side of the USB drive and the files loaded directly on the computer, USB drives provide you an unprecedented ability to connect with your customers. (note: there are certain restrictions on this service. Please contact us for details) can also add the following services to your drives:

Password Protection:

A password is required when the USB is inserted in the computer.


You can make a portion of the drive require password access while still keeping a remaining portion of the drive as “public” or “open.”


We will print or engrave a unique number onto the body of each drive.


We can accept files as a WinZip, so they can be uploaded once. Upon instruction, we can extract before loading onto the drives.

Uploading Files:

Use our upload button to quickly send us your files for data loading. See below:

Data less than 200 MB is .45/drive. For greater than 200 MB, it is .99/drive. For very large requests (greater than 3,000 drives), give us a call to discuss additional options.