A Custom USB Stick Gives You Control over Different Features

There are different features you have control over on a custom USB stick. First, you are given the ability to choose the style and model of the USB memory stick. Next, you get to choose the color, often one which matches your corporate or product color. You also have the ability to have text imprinted on the USB stick and in some cases, can have both the front and back imprinted. You can even have data pre-loaded directly on the USB stick.

You Can Distribute Data to Your Employees on a Custom USB Stick

A custom USB stick does not always have to be used for advertising, marketing or other promotional events. Large corporations can use a customized USB flash drive as a way to distribute files to a large number of users. Often employees will be spread around the country, or even the globe. Getting new product catalogs, credit applications forms or other data files to these employees can be time consuming. One easy solution is to use duplication services and have everything pre-loaded onto a customized USB flash drive.

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Giving Away a USB Drive as a Promotional Item Can Boost Sales

Companies constantly inundate us with advertisements that admonish us to visit them and get a free item, buy their product and get something free. Promotional items have been used for decades to entice customers to use your services or products over the competitions. It is a strategy that works and can help to boost your sales during the holidays or during a time of year when sales are typically slow. The USB drive is an effective promotional item that can catch the attention of your customers and entice them to spend money with you.

The Modern USB Drive Has Become a Very Affordable Advertising Tool

It was not that many years ago that the USB drive was an expensive item, while the price on the USB drive has come down considerably especially in bulk for promotional sales, most people still consider it to be an item of value thus it can be an excellent draw for sales and promote good customer relationships.
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Logo Flash Drives Put Your Company Name Out in Front

The hope for any company that gives out promotional items is that their customers will see their name and contact information throughout the year and will call them when they need them. But it does not always work this way, customers can only use so many calendars before they start to end up in the trash and pens never seem to stay where they are put for one reason or another. Logo flash drives will get used over and over again and are a perfect place to put your name and contact information.

Logo Flash Drives Get Your Brand the Exposure You Need

As well as drawing customers, logo flash drives can also help you get the exposure to your brand that you need. Flash drives can be customized to be an effective part of your branding strategy, in addition you can preload your flash drives with promotional materials including videos that will help in your branding and promotional efforts.

Grab Attention By Customizing Your Own USB Flash Drive

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Why USB mini drives are a great promotional tool

As markets become more competitive, the practice of giving away promotional items to improve brand presence has evolved too.

Today’s companies have become more creative when thinking about what to give away. USB mini drives are just one of the new items at the forefront.

Branded USB mini drives

Branded USB drives are something your customers could potentially use on a daily basis. They’re used to store files, share music and pictures, and much more. Is there any better way to ensure they’re constantly reminded of your brand?

Print USB can help you create the perfect drive, with creative and unusual USBs available online. They’re great value for money and offer high ROI. What’s more, you’re guaranteed to build customer loyalty with both clients old and new.

Call today at 877-442-7465 or get a quote online.

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Purchase your custom USB drives today

Whatever custom USB drives your business has its heart set on, Print USB can deliver. We offer personalized USB solutions to each and every client, including a comprehensive selection of colors, styles, sizes and branding options.

Whether you’re in need of bulk USB drives to get your brand noticed at industry events, or a small order for the company pitch that could make or break a new product, our products are as durable as they are eye catching.

Custom USB drives

We accept orders for USB drives in excess of 100 units. Of course, larger orders equal significant savings.

Unlike some traditional promotional material, like pens, mugs and calendars, USB drives will be utilized by your clientele time and time again as they store more and more important information on them.

To place your next order for branded USB drives, simply contact a member of the Print USB team today at 877.442.7465.

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