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Purchase bulk custom USB devices

Print USB is a market leader, producing custom USB devices in bulk for businesses of all sizes.

Keep your brand in hand longer with our custom USB devices, available in a variety of colors, materials, sizes and styles.

Custom USB devices starting from 100 units

Print USB can quickly produce quality, competitively-priced USB drives in bulk. Our products are built with style and function in mind, meaning they’ll reflect well on your brand on both fronts.

Custom USB devices

Purchase USB devices in bulk and you’ll enjoy excellent savings. We offer further incentives such as discounts for early-stage startups.

When was the last time you threw away your USB device? Typically, people hold onto them for longer than they would marketing materials such as a calendar or stationary as they store important data.

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You Know the Unit Costs When You Order USB Drives in Bulk

When you order USB drives in bulk, you know the unit costs of each USB drive. You can use this cost to determine a pricing point, when you are selling the USB flash drives, such as for a fundraiser. The cost of the flash drives can be included in the total selling price. For example, if the cost per drive is $5, you can ask people to pay any price over this amount. The difference between the total price charged and your cost will be your profit per USB drive sold.

Offset Customizations Charges by Getting a Larger Quantity of USB Drives in Bulk

The style, design and customizations you have added to USB drives will affect the total unit costs. You can still purchase your USB drives in bulk, in order to offset an increase in unit costs. For example, when you want custom imprinting on the front and back of your USB drives, you can be charged a higher price for this customization. In order to reduce the increase in price, just order a larger quantity of drives.

There Are Different Customizations Available with USB Drive Bulk Orders

Your USB drive bulk orders can be customized in different ways. You can include your company name, logo and location on the exterior of the drive. Some styles allow you to have custom information imprinted on both the front and back of the USB drive. You can also choose the colors to match your organization or product colors. You may also want to get the USB drives pre-loaded with specific types of data files.

USB Drive Bulk Orders Can Include Custom-Shaped Flash Drives

When you want to distinguish your products from your competitors, you may want to use custom-shaped USB flash drives. Custom-shaped USB flash drives allow you to create a design, which others cannot be duplicated, since the design features your own products. You can place USB drive bulk orders for custom-shaped flash drives, to make sure you have plenty of drives available and on hand, to give out as gifts or promotional items.

Save Money by Ordering Your USB Drives in Bulk

Organizations which distribute USB flash drives can save money when they purchase USB drives in bulk. As order quantities increase, the price per USB flash drive starts to decrease. This is because the set up costs needed to product your custom flash drives become less of a part of the total order and allows for discounted pricing.

Finishing and Customizations Can Change the Price of USB Drives in Bulk

The actual amount you pay for USB drives in bulk will determine on the finishing and customization processes. For instance, you can have your corporate logo imprinted on the outside of the flash drive. This customization feature can be included in the price, as long it is placed in a single location, and may include up to two different colors. There are often additional charges for your USB drives, when they are packaged or shipped with lanyards.

Get USB Drives in Bulk to Make Sure You Do Not Run Out

You will want to make sure you have plenty of USB drives available to hand out at trade shows and other events. As you start to pass out the USB drives, other people will see the drive and inquire where they can get one, too. When you do not have plenty of USB drives available, you run out, and turn away disappointed people. You can avoid this problem by ordering your USB drives in bulk.

USB Drives in Bulk Help You Save Money on Your USB Drive Purchases

You can find a variety of different styles of USB drives available, which can be ordered in large quantities. Instead of ordering USB drives as you need them for different events, you can obtain all of your USB drives in a single order. By purchasing USB drives in bulk, you are able to get the quantity you require, while saving on your per unit costs.

Bulk USB Drives Can Save You More Money

If you have been thinking about using USB drives as promotional tools, it is important to take the time to decide how many USB drives that you may be able to use effectively. Not only are bulk USB drives good to give way to your customers, but you can use them to store your promotional materials rather than using paper catalogs and brochures. Using your USB drives for multiple purposes can not only give you the most for your investment but it can allow you to order more drives at one time.

The More Bulk USB Drives You Order the Lower the Price

As you will find with many things, if you order a large quantity of our bulk USB drives you will only increase your return on your investment since you will be able to get a much better price for them. We offer branding, custom molds and some of the best prices you will find anywhere on bulk USB drives.