There Are Different Customizations Available with USB Drive Bulk Orders


Your USB drive bulk orders can be customized in different ways. You can include your company name, logo and location on the exterior of the drive. Some styles allow you to have custom information imprinted on both the front and back of the USB drive. You can also choose the colors to match your organization or product colors. You may also want to get the USB drives pre-loaded with specific types of data files.

USB Drive Bulk Orders Can Include Custom-Shaped Flash Drives

When you want to distinguish your products from your competitors, you may want to use custom-shaped USB flash drives. Custom-shaped USB flash drives allow you to create a design, which others cannot be duplicated, since the design features your own products. You can place USB drive bulk orders for custom-shaped flash drives, to make sure you have plenty of drives available and on hand, to give out as gifts or promotional items.

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  • Greg Sachs