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Make maximum brand impact with Print USB flash drives

Forget about traditional marketing collateral like pens and mugs. In today’s tech-savvy office environment, branded flash drives are the item most likely to get your business noticed.

Not only are the drives offered by Print USB stylish, they’re also environmentally friendly. What’s more, unlike other marketing gimmicks they’re of ongoing value to the recipient.

Purchase your customized flash drives wholesale

Buying from Print USB guarantees a safe, secure experience from start to finish. Our products are:

  • Covered for life
  • Made from high-quality, genuine Flash components
  • Supported by excellent customer service

Order a minimum of 100 quality drives today.

Order your flash drives express

A standard order will take between five to seven days to be supplied. However, we can turn around your order as quickly as 48 hours upon request and contingent upon stock availability. An additional charge may be applied for express delivery.

Questions? Contact a member of the team today at 877.442.7465.

Personalized USB solutions from Print USB

Personalized USB drives from Print USB are a novel way to promote your business at tradeshows and special events. Make use of our USB drive printing service and we guarantee you’ll see a return on your investment.

Designing a personalized USB drive

Check out our extensive online design options to pick the style that’s best suited to your company. Once the design is finalized, we can help you customize your drives to make sure your company logo stands out in a crowd. We can even preload drives with a variety of content, such as music, documents or videos.

Benefits of our personalized USB drives

As well as offering a unique advertising opportunity, personalized USB drives can help your company save time, money and space.

Alongside corporate organizations, we also accept orders from schools, universities and government agencies. Find out more online, call 877-442-7465 or email us using our contact form.

Promotional USB Drives Can Be a Much Better Gift

If you have been looking for something to give away to your customers the first thing that may cross your mind is the usual pen or calendar. While you can get these items for a fairly cheap price, the return on your investment is not always very good which is why more businesses are getting away from doing these types of promotions. Promotional USB drives are a different matter, since they are unique, not overdone and of offer a multitude of different avenues for advertising they can offer a very good ROI.

Promotional USB Drives Offer Something that Ballpoint Pens Don’t

When is the last time that you saw a pen with a large selection of promotional materials printing on it? If you are lucky you can get a name and a phone number on a pen, but with promotional USB drives you have an entire world inside the USB drive to advertise. Not just brochures either, you can put catalogs or even a video on there to sell your products to your customer.

A Personalized USB Can Be the Perfect Promotional Device

Choosing how to spend your promotional and advertising dollars can be a little bit like investing you are taking a risk no matter what you do, but as long as you are careful and invest your money wisely you can make your advertising dollars work for you. While the idea of using a personalized USB as a promotional item may not have occurred to you there are a lot of really good reasons why it might be a good choice.

A Personalized USB Is a Gift Most of Your Clients Will Not Expect

Most clients expect the usually pen or calendar when you give stuff away, and most of the time these items get thrown in a pile or drawer never to be seen again. A personalized USB is just different enough that your customers will not only use it but show it around to their friends and co-workers giving you the exposure you were hoping for.

Promotional USB Campaigns Offer a Bigger Return on Your Investment

Many times people look at the price of a promotional USB and still think it is too expensive despite the fact that the price of USBs is at an all-time low. While the reaction is understandable it is important to understand that promotional USBs offer a bigger return on investment than most any other type of promotional item out there.

Consider the Many Ways to Use Your Promotional USB

Most promotional items have a single use, you put your contact information on them and hope that your customers will appreciate and use them. Sadly this is not always the case, and sometimes giving away the promotional pens and calendars is no longer worth the time or money. A promotional USB is an item that is not only useful to your customers, but offers multiple avenues to get your message across, custom molding, your logo and preloaded promotional materials will help you get the exposure you need from your promotions.

Promotional USB Drives Can Bring You More Business

If you have done promotional items in the past and not had much luck with them you may need to change up the promotional items you use. The problem with your promotions is not so much the promotions that you hold as the items that you use, most of which people have been over exposed to over the years and simply gain no benefit from anymore. Promotional USB drives are one promotion that most customers are happy to get and will find highly useful.

Promotional USB Drives Can Be Used Many Times

For the average household promotional USB drives are high value items that will be used over and over again and this is even more so for offices and businesses where you might distribute your USBs. In an age were pens and paper are used less and less and most of our communications, notes and documents are now electronic most people will use a USB as much if not more than they use and pen or piece of paper, making it the perfect way for you to make your mark and catch the attention of your customers.