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Buying bulk custom flash drives

Corporate events present a strong branding opportunity to your business. As a result, it’s essential you get your marketing collateral right before rubbing shoulders with existing clients and would-be partners alike.

Custom flash drives, available wholesale through Print USB, have the advantage over branded stationary and other materials as they’re utilized daily and store essential information. We pride ourselves on offering sturdy, long-lasting devices boasting any style, color or branding.

Custom flash drives that benefit the environment

Opting for a USB drive to store your marketing materials signals your business’ environmental credentials. What’s more, in addition to reducing your company’s waste, it will also have the added bonus of saving on printing costs.

Concerned about the use of plastics in your custom USB order? You can also opt for wooden enclosures.

Custom flash drives: place your order with Print USB today

We offer incentives to buy your custom USB drives in bulk. Minimum orders begin at 100 units, and further discounts are available to startups.

Contact the Print USB customer service team with any outstanding questions you may have before placing your order. We’re available at 877.442.7465.

A Short History of USB Flash Drives

Like so many technological innovations, USB flash drives have improved and developed at an enormous pace, so much so that their earliest versions already seem like relics from the ancient past.  Looking over the brief history of these devices provides a strong hint at the advances that the next decade will surely bring.

So how did USB flash drives begin?  Flash memory was developed in the mid ‘80s, becoming slowly but steadily more widespread over the next decade and a half.  Meanwhile, USB ports—allowing computers and other devices to connect easily—were developed in 1994.  The first USB flash drives (the acronym stands for Universal Serial Bus) arrived on the market in 2000, with competing devices offered by IBM and Singapore’s Trek Technology.  The earliest USB flash drives contained only 8 MB capacity, but this was enough to make them an attractive alternative to the considerably smaller floppy disks of the day.  Since then, USB flash drives have grown to as large as 256 GB in storage space, while models of 4, 8, and 16 GBs have become inexpensive and readily available—all while retaining the tiny physical dimensions that have made them such convenient accessories.  Consumers can now buy custom USB drives that contain a host of personalized features.

You Can Pre-Load Your Product Catalog on a Custom USB Memory Drive

You can show your customers your company is environmentally friendly through different methods. One thing you can do is to pre-load your product catalogs directly onto a custom USB memoryflash drive. Instead of printing out paper catalogs and shipping them to your customers, you ship them a small USB drive instead. Not only have you eliminated paper usage, but you also save money on shipping the drives to your customers, since USB drives weigh far less than a large paper catalog.

A Custom USB Memory Can Be Pre-Loaded With Just About Any Data Type

The type of data or information you can have pre-loaded onto a custom USB memory drive includes a variety of data types. You can pre-load presentations, spreadsheets, documents, PDF files, music, photographs, or videos. You will need to consider the total file sizes in order to obtain a USB memory drive with plenty of room. You may even want to leave extra storage space on the drive to be used by your customers.

Who Uses a Custom USB Memory Stick?

There are all different types of business and organizations which use a custom USB memory stick. For example, college and universities can pass out their own custom memory stick in the fall when students return to school. They give students a way to save their files and assignments securely, especially in classroom settings where the computers are shared by different students.

Universities Will Use a Custom USB Memory Stick for Marketing

Universities can also use a custom USB memory stick as a marketing tool, when visiting different high schools across the country. A university wants to encourage students to attend their campus. The more students enrolled at their university, means more revenues for the college. USB memory sticks with your university’s name and logo ensures continued advertising, even after you have moved onto another high school. Parents and students will see and remember your university, every time the flash drive is used.

What Is a Custom USB Memory Stick?

A custom USB memory stick is a flash drive which you can get imprinted with your corporate logo or product name. You can use your custom memory sticks for a variety of reasons. You can pass these out at trade show events, give them as gifts to your vendors, or use them as part of your marketing campaigns.

Use a Custom USB Memory Stick As a Marketing Tool

There are benefits to using a custom USB memory stick over other types of marketing materials. Organizations which pass out pens, promotion flyers and cards, often have their materials thrown away and quickly forgotten. However, a USB memory stick is a reusable device, which your customers will use on a regular basis. Every time they use your USB memory stick, they will see your company’s name or product name, and not quickly forget who provided them with their flash drive.

Use a Custom USB Stick as a Way to Receive Free Advertising

A custom USB stick is a type of flash drive which contains custom information or data. Organizations will use these types of USB flash drives as a way of advertising their businesses. They can have their business name and location imprinted directly onto the exterior of the memory stick. Anyone, who has one of your USB devices, is providing you with free advertising, since other people, besides the user, will see your business name.

One Trade Show Gift Which Is Reusable is a Custom USB Stick

Companies are often expected to pass out free merchandise and items at trade shows. Deciding what type of merchandise to have available will depend on how much of an impact you want to make with people visiting your booth. May organizations will pass out pens, highlighters or pads of paper. While these are useful items, they eventually are used up, and your company is soon forgotten. When you want to give your customers a reusable gift, which never runs out, you should consider using a custom USB stick.