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Print USB’s Branded USB Drive Marketing Collateral

A customized USB drive is a great marketing giveaway for trade shows and other industry-related events. It’s a device would-be customers will use every day – so your brand will always be at hand. Order your next batch of tailored USB drives from Print USB today and choose from a variety of styles. We offer a personalization service, so our customers are guaranteed to get exactly what they want.

Buy Your Wholesale USB Drive

By keeping a selection of branded USB drives always on hand, you’ll never be caught short when an opportunity to market your business arises. Forget old-school office supplies like pens, mugs and calendars; USB drives are the marketing giveaway for our tech-savvy times.

Cost-Effective USB Drive Buying

Buy your branded USB drives wholesale and enjoy significant savings. If you’re a new startup, we even offer discounts on smaller bulk orders. Just because you’re paying less, doesn’t mean we’ll scrimp on customer service. You won’t want to shop anywhere else for your USB drives, once you’ve experienced Print USB firsthand. Questions? Contact a member of the team today, at 877-442-7465.

Custom USB Drives Can Give Your Company the Exposure You Need

When you start looking for a promotional item that can offer your company branding and exposure you have to choose carefully. Old promotional items have been overused and things like pens and paper are as used as they once were not that people have cell phones to write notes, reminders, or keep track of grocery lists and appointments. Custom USB drives offer your company a promotional item that will not end up on a shelf or in the trash.

Custom USB Drives Can Be Built to Your Specs

You can even go further when it comes to giving away custom USB drives and design a drive that can catch the eye not just of your customer but those others that are around them. Custom USB drives can be molded into a wide range of shapes to personify your company or what they do, they can be paired with other uses such as pens, mp3 players and more, and they can be had in a wide array of colors and come complete with your contact information and logo.

Custom USB Drives Provide a Good Return on Your Investment

Custom USB drives may seem to many people as too much of an investment when it comes to using them as a promotional item. But you have to look beyond this in order to see that the return on your investment will make it well worth the cost. Promotional items are nothing new, but as time has gone on, promotional items have become cheaper and cheaper, and carry less and less weight with customers because they simply have not changed over the years.

Custom USB Drives Offer Multiple Opportunities

By offering an item of value, one that has not be overused, you will find that it will provide far more impact for the money spent. Custom USB Drives offer multiple opportunities for advertising such as customizing the shape and color of your USB or adding promotional materials to the hard drive inside of it. As an item that will be used over and over again, you will find that these drives will definitely offer you a good return on your investment.

What Can You Do with Custom USB Drives

When your company needs to find a new way to hang on to old customers and draw in new customers, custom USB drives may be just the promotion that you are looking for. Think about what having a USB custom designed in the shape and colors of your choice can do for you. This is something that would bring your company to mind to the customer every time they used it. You can also have your company contact information on the USB, much less likely to lose than a business card your customer would always have your name and number handy when they needed you.

We Can Design a Range of Custom USB Drives for Your Company

Custom USB drives are ideal for using in promotions of all types, give them away at trade shows, use them to put your catalogs on, offer them as an incentive to come into your business or give them away to loyal customers. We can help you design the perfect custom USB drive to fit your company image and that you can use to keep your company name at the forefront.

Get the Attention of your Customers with Custom Memory Sticks

When you are in business getting the attention of your customers is vital and while there are many ways to do this, using a promotional item and especially one that is unique is one of the better ways to do this. Customer memory sticks not only capitalize on a promotional item that has not been overused but they are unique in design as well which will help to capture the attention of your customers every time.

Custom Memory Sticks can Have Nearly Any Design You Want

While there are sure to be a few designs that might not work, if you can imagine it, we can likely create it into custom memory sticks for you. Preload your unique memory stick with promotional videos and you have the perfect marketing tool which can help you capture the attention of your long time customers as well as any potential customers that may come your way.