You Can Pre-Load Your Product Catalog on a Custom USB Memory Drive


You can show your customers your company is environmentally friendly through different methods. One thing you can do is to pre-load your product catalogs directly onto a custom USB memoryflash drive. Instead of printing out paper catalogs and shipping them to your customers, you ship them a small USB drive instead. Not only have you eliminated paper usage, but you also save money on shipping the drives to your customers, since USB drives weigh far less than a large paper catalog.

A Custom USB Memory Can Be Pre-Loaded With Just About Any Data Type

The type of data or information you can have pre-loaded onto a custom USB memory drive includes a variety of data types. You can pre-load presentations, spreadsheets, documents, PDF files, music, photographs, or videos. You will need to consider the total file sizes in order to obtain a USB memory drive with plenty of room. You may even want to leave extra storage space on the drive to be used by your customers.

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  • Greg Sachs