You Know the Unit Costs When You Order USB Drives in Bulk


When you order USB drives in bulk, you know the unit costs of each USB drive. You can use this cost to determine a pricing point, when you are selling the USB flash drives, such as for a fundraiser. The cost of the flash drives can be included in the total selling price. For example, if the cost per drive is $5, you can ask people to pay any price over this amount. The difference between the total price charged and your cost will be your profit per USB drive sold.

Offset Customizations Charges by Getting a Larger Quantity of USB Drives in Bulk

The style, design and customizations you have added to USB drives will affect the total unit costs. You can still purchase your USB drives in bulk, in order to offset an increase in unit costs. For example, when you want custom imprinting on the front and back of your USB drives, you can be charged a higher price for this customization. In order to reduce the increase in price, just order a larger quantity of drives.

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  • Greg Sachs