A Custom USB Stick Gives You Control over Different Features


There are different features you have control over on a custom USB stick. First, you are given the ability to choose the style and model of the USB memory stick. Next, you get to choose the color, often one which matches your corporate or product color. You also have the ability to have text imprinted on the USB stick and in some cases, can have both the front and back imprinted. You can even have data pre-loaded directly on the USB stick.

You Can Distribute Data to Your Employees on a Custom USB Stick

A custom USB stick does not always have to be used for advertising, marketing or other promotional events. Large corporations can use a customized USB flash drive as a way to distribute files to a large number of users. Often employees will be spread around the country, or even the globe. Getting new product catalogs, credit applications forms or other data files to these employees can be time consuming. One easy solution is to use duplication services and have everything pre-loaded onto a customized USB flash drive.

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  • Greg Sachs