Wooden Custom USB Drive Help Your Company Go Green

If you are committed to making green choices where you company is concerned, then making the switch to a wooden USB drive as a way to distribute materials as well as the perfect promotional device for tradeshows and more. When you use a wooden USB drive you are reducing the amount of wood that you use considerably from all the paper that you would normally print on. You can use these drives to send files instead of paper, to replace your catalog and to offer a wide range of other materials to all of your clients.

A Sustainable Wooden USB Drive Allow your Business to go Paperless

How many reams of paper do you think your company goes through in a day, week or year? The USB drive can allow your company to make the leap to a paperless office where paper is only used when absolutely necessary. This makes USBs not just the right environmental choice but a smart choice for your company financially as well.

The Power of Putting Content on Your Promotional USB Drive

Even though the branded USB drive is rapidly becoming a very popular form of promotional giveaway item, far too many companies are overlooking the chance to use these drives to their fullest. Why would you want to give away a completely blank memory stick when it presents you with a golden opportunity to use the space to promote your company or your latest products?

Don’t Waste the Space on That USB Drive

Instead of wasting all of this valuable space, let us preload each USB drive you order with your latest advertising brochures. Does your company have a current video advertisement? Why not have it loaded onto the drive so that everyone who receives one can check out your new products. Some companies have even started creating both printed and video advertising just for inclusion on the flash drives they order to be given away as promotional items.

Promotional USB Campaigns Will Offer You a Bigger Return on your Investment

Often times people look at the price of a promotional USB and still think it is too expensive despite the fact that the price of USBs is at an all-time low. While the reaction is understandable it is important to understand that promotional USBs offer a bigger return on investment than most any other type of promotional item out there.

Consider all the Ways You can Use your promotional USB

Most promotional items have a single use, you put your contact information on them and hope that your customers will appreciate and use them. Sadly this is not always the case, and sometimes giving away the promotional pens and calendars is no longer worth the time or money. A promotional USB is an item that is not only useful to your customers, but offers multiple avenues to get your message across, custom molding, your logo and preloaded promotional materials will help you get the exposure you need from your promotions.