Wooden Custom USB Drive Help Your Company Go Green


If you are committed to making green choices where you company is concerned, then making the switch to a wooden USB drive as a way to distribute materials as well as the perfect promotional device for tradeshows and more. When you use a wooden USB drive you are reducing the amount of wood that you use considerably from all the paper that you would normally print on. You can use these drives to send files instead of paper, to replace your catalog and to offer a wide range of other materials to all of your clients.

A Sustainable Wooden USB Drive Allow your Business to go Paperless

How many reams of paper do you think your company goes through in a day, week or year? The USB drive can allow your company to make the leap to a paperless office where paper is only used when absolutely necessary. This makes USBs not just the right environmental choice but a smart choice for your company financially as well.

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  • Greg Sachs