USB drives custom made: collateral your clients will keep


No tradeshow goodie bag is complete without USB drives custommade to suit your brand. At Print USB, we offer tailored solutions including multiple sizes, shapes and colors. You’re guaranteed to find a design that fits your business’s needs. What’s more, our USB are made from eco-friendly parts. Now you can be technologically savvy as well as green-minded.

Bulk USB drives custom made

If you’re pitching to a major client and you want to leave your proposal with the people that matter, forget about printing a copy for every key stakeholder. A USB drive can hold any supporting documentation and will show your ongoing commitment to the environment while you’re at it.

Print USB minimum orders start at 100 units. If your order is less than 250 units you will be required to pay a setup fee.

Need your USBs urgently? Our Quick Ship options mean we can often complete your job within one to three days. Contact a member of the Print USB team at 877.442.7465 to learn more.


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  • Greg Sachs