Tradeshow giveaways are proven to improve brand presence


Trade shows are a great way to network with other companies and build your potential customer base. Making a strong and lasting impression is essential in order to establish your brand in the minds of people you meet there – promotional materials and giveaways are the way forward.

Print USB is the only place to get tradeshow giveaways

USB drives from Print USB are a useful and practical alternative to the usual brochures, pins and pens. Advertising your company long after the event and less likely to be lost or thrown away, they offer more return on your investment than any other tradeshow giveaways.

Print USB drives are available in a number of colors, shapes and designs. They can be paired with equally customized accessories; we can even pre-load flash drives with multimedia files or information about your company.

Using pre-loaded trade show USB drives shows innovation, making your potential client take note. They’ll also have an ever-present reminder of your brand.

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  • Greg Sachs