Compact, Powerful USB Stick Custom Made


Bulk order your business’ new USB stic.k custom made from Print USB and save. The compact, yet powerful, portable storage device has all but replaced floppy disks and CD-ROMs, thanks to its durability and reliability.

USB Stick Custom Made by Print USB

If your business needs to make an impression at an upcoming corporate event or presentation, ditch branded stationary, mugs and more — in favor of custom USB sticks. At Print USB, our extensive catalog is home to drives in all different shapes and storage capacities.

Purchase USB Stick Custom Made in Bulk

Don’t let your competitors snatch away your next marketing opportunity, because you underestimated how popular custom made USBs can be. Fortunately, the more USB you order from Print USB, the more cost-effective they become. Are you a new startup? You’ll be pleased to learn we also offer discounts to you on smaller orders.

For any questions regarding Print USB’s products, contact a member of the Print USB team at 877-442-7465.

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  • Greg Sachs