Use a Bracelet USB Flash Drive as an Unique Trade Show Gift


Coming up with unique trade show gifts is important when you want customers to remember your company and products, long after the show is over. One item you can consider using is a bracelet USB flash drive. This type of USB flash drive is designed to be worn around the wrist, much like a wristband or watch. You can have your company name imprinted on the wristband, so people will remember who gave them their flash drive.

You Can Place a USB Token onto a Bracelet USB

All different types of businesses can use a bracelet USB flash drive for different reasons. For example, you may require your employees to provide a second form of authentication when logging onto computers or accessing network resources. Your employees may work from different workstations at different times. You can provide them with the needed access, by placing their own unique USB token directly on the wristband USB flash drive.

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  • Greg Sachs