Can I Have Files Pre-Loaded Onto a Customized USB Bracelet?


You may decide you want certain types of files pre-loaded onto a custom USB bracelet jump drive. Organizations can take advantage of the storage space to place electronic product information and literature. Printing costs for product literature and information can also be avoided, since the same information will already be pre-loaded onto your USB jump drives. Customers can access your information anytime they require, by inserting the drive into a computer with a USB slot.

You Can Use a USB Bracelet for Your Employee Training

You can also get a USB bracelet jump drive preloaded with your own training data. Instead of having to spend time with each individual employee, you can distribute the bracelets to your employees. Your employees can complete the training at their own pace, rather than sitting in training classrooms. Once they complete their training, you can have them complete testing directly on the USB device, and turn it back in for grading.

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  • Greg Sachs