Bulk USB Drive Styles Include Combination Pens and USB Flash Drives


You can include two gifts in a single promotional item, which your customers will enjoy receiving. These two gifts are a pen and a USB flash drive. You can choose a pen style with an ink cartridge which can be replaced when it runs out. This will allow your customers to continue using both the pen feature as well as the USB drive for as long as they desire. You can even find this style qualifies for bulk USB drive purchases.

Bulk USB Drive Orders Have Different Delivery Options

You have different options for the delivery of your bulk USB drive orders. You can have your complete order shipped to our business address. Or when you need the USB drives for a trade show or other event, they can be shipped directly to that location instead. By shipping your order to your event location, you save money by not having to pay shipping or transportation costs twice.

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  • Greg Sachs