Trade Show Giveaways Make a Great Way to Reach New Customers

If you spend a lot of time at the various tradeshows and hand our tons of promotional materials to your customers, do you ever wonder just exactly how much of it gets read and how much simply gets put aside and finally ends up in the trash? As you are getting ready to decide on your trade show giveaways why not choose a giveaway that can deliver your promotional material in a new way ensuring that your customer may in fact actually look at it.

The USB Drive Is One of the Hottest Trade Show Giveaways

The USB hard drive is one of the hottest trade show giveaways and to make it even better, you can load up your promotional material on the USBs to give to your customers. In addition to catalogs you can create videos and have them preloaded, since more people will watch a video overall than look at a brochure you will benefit from the ability to serve up content you know your customer will watch.

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  • Greg Sachs