Tradeshow Giveaways Need to Be Useful Not Expensive

Most people who go to a trade show expect to get a few freebies; this is half the fun of going, even if the real reason for attending is to get ideas for their business for the coming year. Tradeshow giveaways often range from promotional brochures and calendars to flashy giveaways that are intended to wow potential customers.

USB Drives Make Great Tradeshow Giveaways

If you are not sure what you should do for your tradeshow giveaways, you should keep in mind that something in between the two is a better place to be. An item that can be useful is far better than a brochure that will get put on a shelf and forgotten or a flashy giveaway that will be as equally forgotten in a few days. USBs for instance are not flashy but will get used on a daily basis, reminding your customer daily where he got it from.

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  • Greg Sachs