Event Swag Worth Investing In


Want good evidence that promotional swag works? American businesses spend somewhere around $20 billion a year on industry event giveaways.

The promotional giveaway is a time tested practice. We humans are hardwired to respond positively to a gift.

The best type of industry trade show swag is the kind that provides value. Giveaways worth investing in are the useful kind.

Cool event swag can take your business’ message the extra mile. Lame swag will have attendees searching for the trash can.

Trade shows serve a great purpose: to get directly to decision makers quickly and easily. With a giveaway you have a chance to make a lasting impression, but papers get lost, food gets eaten, and pens get left in hotel rooms.

When deciding on swag, consider your attendees. Even if you sank your money into something substantial like mugs, paper weights, water bottles, or even umbrellas, attendees may have traveled long distances, and they wouldn’t want to pack heavy, bulky, or fragile items on the trip home.

If your looking for event swag truly worth investing in, the trusty USB drive meets all the criteria.

It’s hard to find fault with the fan favorite flash drive. Here’s why:

  • Branding – A PrintUSB flash drive can be imprinted, stamped, or engraved using your company’s logo and colors – reinforcing your marketing message and differentiating your brand for the life of the drive. Pre-loaded flash drives can come with your company’s contact information and sales material.
  • Timing – Odds are, members of your target audience work at a computer, and if that’s the case, they will be using your drive at the time of their buying decision.
  • Practicality – Jump drives are a useful everyday tool.
  • Longevity – Once a business person has loaded their drive with information, he/she would not likely throw your drive away any time soon. Not only will your attendees keep your drives, but each of our drives comes with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring your drives are free from manufacturer defects.
  • Responsibility – Show attendees you are committed to decreasing your company’s carbon footprint by using a USB drive to send files instead of printing. Go one step further and spruce up the gesture by choosing an option that requires less synthetic plastic, like a wood drive. Your company has an opportunity to convey a different sense of responsibility in its operations.

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  • Greg Sachs