Go green with Print USB flash drives for cheap


These days businesses are increasingly aware of environmental concerns, with pressure to introduce eco-friendly practices. USB drives are a great way to reduce paper-based waste, but there is a way to make them even greener.

Traditionally, flash and USB drives are constructed from plastic and other synthetic materials. However, at Print USB we offer another option: wood. Opt for a wooden drive and prove to your clients and customers that you’re committed to decreasing your company’s carbon footprint.


Wooden flash drives for cheap: your options


Wooden flash drives are available in a selection of colors, shapes and finishes. Choose from Meadow Red, Utah Light and Field Dark to name but a few. And, like all our products, you’re guaranteed a competitive price.

For more information about our green initiatives or to place an order of flash drives for cheap, call (877) 442 7465 or emailsales@printusb.com.

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  • Greg Sachs