Wood and Leather USB Drives Make an Elegant Statement


Although rarely seen in the days of plastic ubiquity, personalized USB drives made from wood or leather are elegant and sophisticated. They convey the message: We’re a cut above the rest. Wood and leather drives have a handcrafted look, sending a message that you take your business—and your clients—seriously.

Make an Impression on Clients

Beyond the sophisticated look alone wood and leather USBs are also incredibly functional, serving as a high-tech way to deliver pre-loaded presentations to clients and leave a lasting impression. You can have the USBs programmed to open every time the drive is plugged into a computer, or you can password protect all or part of the drive. USBs are effective tools to reach clients and a great way to thank employees for their hard work and dedication.

PrintUSB has dozens of wood and leather USBs to choose from in different colors, from tan hues to rich browns. Visit our wood USBand leather USB pages today to view our selection.

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  • Greg Sachs