One Type of USB Flash Drive Design Is a USB Bracelet


A USB bracelet is a type of USB flash drive design which fits around your wrist. You can also secure this type of USB flash drive around your key ring or over a loop on your purse, backpack, or other type of case. But, you may just want to wear the USB drive to make sure you always have additional storage or access to specific files available.

A USB Bracelet Can Be Customized with Your Own Information

You can get a USB bracelet customized with your company name, logo or product name. You can even choose the color of the bracelet so that it matches your company’s colors. Custom bracelets can be used for trade show events, gifts, or other times when you want to pass out promotional materials. Your customers will appreciate receiving a gift, which they can reuse over and over, while you receive free advertising for your company.

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  • Greg Sachs