Using USB Flash Drives to Promote Your Business


With today’s USB flash drives, it’s possible to carry around literally hundreds of gigabytes in the palm of your hand or on your keychain.  The portability of these devices has inspired the creativity of many in the business community.  While a previous generation of business owners and entrepreneurs depended on printed flyers, cards, and similar articles, today’s industry leaders have found that USB flash drives take over many of the functions associated with those old-time tools.  Capable of holding a vast amount of promotional material, USB drives can be used in a variety of ways to publicize your business:

  • Electronic business card – Similar to the old-fashioned print business card, personalized USB drives can include contact information on the surface while their memory chips contain supplementary information in the form of videos, PowerPoint presentations, etc.  These often come in the shape of a credit card, approximately the same dimensions as a traditionalbusiness card.
  • Corporate gifts – USB flash drives can also be used as thank-you notes for clients and employees.  The drive can contain whatever the giver sees fit, while the surface of the card usually features the company logo to ensure that recipients remember where they got it.
  • Trade show giveaways – The hectic environment of a trade show is particularly suitable for a custom USB flash drive, which is less likely to be casually discarded than printed materials.  Prospective clients can explore your company’s pitch at their leisure.

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  • Greg Sachs