Have you Settled on a Your Tradeshow Giveaways yet?


Tradeshows are a big time of year for many different companies; they allow companies to show off what they have been working on during the year as well as offer an opportunity to make new contacts for potential clients. A traditional part of tradeshows has been the tradeshow giveaways that companies such as yours use to attract these clients and get their attention, careful thought should be taken in choosing the right giveaway for your company.

Tradeshow Giveaways Can do More Than Get Your Potential Clients Attention

While tradeshow giveaways have historically been a way to get clients to visit your booth, when you can come up with a giveaway that not only gets the attention of clients but also lets them take a piece of your company away with them you have doubly won. USBs are just such a giveaway, because they have not been overused as giveaways and have value for your clients they will be sure to stop and pick one up. But inside the USBs you give away will also be a copy of your promotional materials and catalogs for them to browse later when they get home.

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  • Greg Sachs