Custom Memory Sticks Are Environmentally Sound


With so much environmental awareness it is important to show your customers that you truly care about the environment around them and that you have options they can feel good about. Earth friendly custom memory sticks are only one of the options that we have to offer you that will help you feel good about your efforts to do your part.

Our Custom Memory Sticks Let You Do Away With Printed Promotional Materials

Our earth friendly custom memory sticks not only do away with the need for reams of paper that your normal promotional materials would be printed on but made from wood they offer you an alternative to non-biodegradable and unsustainable plastics. We offer several types of wood including the greenest choice of them all bamboo. We offer several unique designs including those that are attached to a lanyard for the ultimate in convenience. At Print USB we offer all of our customers the choices that they can feel good about.

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  • Greg Sachs