Bulk USB Drives Let your Company Go Green


When you look at ways to go green with your company one of the biggest impacts you can have is to go paperless, paper waste compromises a huge part of our waste each year, and while paper can be recycled the raw materials used to make paper are not sustainable, making it one of the biggest drains your company can eliminate. Bulk USB drives offer you the perfect opportunity to go green as well as to save money.

Bulk USB Drives Represent an Investment

The initial outlay for bulk USB drives may seem a bit high, but when taken in context with the amount of paper that you use in a year, as well as the cost of printing on that paper, suddenly the bulk USB drive does not seem so costly. In the office, USB drives can be used to transfer papers, documents can be distributed to clients and infinitely updated with an internet connection, eliminating the need for reams of paper when working on contracts or even sending out catalogs.

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  • Greg Sachs