Get the Most Out of Your Promotional USB Campaign


If you have decided to create a promotional USB campaign to increase sales and get your name out there, why not take it a step further? Creating a custom USB with your logo, contact info and colors is just the start; why not use some of the space on the USB to advertise your products. A USB can be the perfect place to put your catalog as well as a couple of videos about your products.

Load Your Promotional USB Drives with Videos or Advertisements

It can be great to give your customers a promotional USB. If you want to get even more out of them when you are having your USBs created why not have Print USB load them up with some of your videos and other advertisements. Your customers may appreciate the extra materials and will certainly not begrudge you the opportunity to use that space wisely. Visit us online to see all the great designs we offer for your USB order.

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  • Greg Sachs