Promotional USB Drives Are Available in Many Sizes and Styles


If you are thinking about giving away promotional USB drives to your customers, you have a lot of options. Gone are the days were every USB drive looks like the next, now you can find USB drives in all sizes and shapes and for many different uses as well. Whether you want to wow people with a cool size and shape that is like no other, or you are trying to create something that is slightly more functional than the average USB there is a lot of flexibility that will earn you the attention and gratitude of your customers.

We Can Create Promotional Drives to Meet Your Needs

Have a cool logo or image that goes with your business? We can manufacture promotional USBs into any size and shape; create cars, light bulbs and many other unique shapes. Want a pocket knife with a USB to hand out to your special clients or as part of a special deal? Our talented team can help you create a USB that is unique to your business and will help you get noticed.

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  • Greg Sachs