USB Bracelets Can Help you Promote your Business


Many companies are using USB drives as a way to promote their business, but when you do things just a bit differently you will find that they can have an even bigger effect than just offering a USB drive. USB drives have been well received as promotions because of their functionality but even better are USB bracelets. These handy drives can clip right to a wrist and be taken everywhere with you, making them not only useful and unusual but far more visible than the average flash drive.

USB Bracelets are Fun and Noticeable

If you are looking for exposure then the USB bracelets are the way to go, imagine your customer wearing the bracelet around their place of business or during meetings, to keep track of the files they will need during the day. People love the convenience and for those that have never seen one before they are a novelty they are sure to notice.

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  • Greg Sachs