Promotional USB Drives Pack More Punch than Traditional Promotions


Giving away pens is cheap, but when you consider whether those pens will have any impact on your business then are they really as cheap as you might think they are? When is the last time that you carried a pen around? These days people carry around smart phones, tablets, laptops and use these for everything that they used to use pen and paper for. This is why promotional USB drives are poised to offer you far more impact than a pen could possibly offer you.

Promotional USB Drives Can Make a Big Splash

Plan your promotional campaign carefully and your ROI for using promotional USB drives will be higher than you ever expected. Would you stop and take notice if the person on the train next to you pulled out a cool looking USB drive and plugged it into their laptop? Wouldn’t you at least stop and take a look at it? This is the impact that having a custom USB drive made for your company can have and the reason why it is one of the best advertising investments you can make.

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  • Greg Sachs