Promotional USB Drives Make Better Gifts


When you are looking for something to give away to your customers the first thing that may cross your mind is the usual pen or calendar. While you can get these items for a fairly cheap price, the return on your investment is not always very good which is why more businesses are getting away from doing these types of promotions. Promotional USB drives are a different matter, since they are unique, not overdone and of offer a multitude of different avenues for advertising they can offer a very good ROI.

Promotional USB Drives Offer One thing that Conventional Pens Cannot

When is the last time that you saw a pen with a wide array of promotional materials printing on it? If you are lucky you can get a name and a phone number on a pen, but with promotional USB drives you have an entire world inside the USB drive to advertise. Not just brochures either, you can put catalogs or even a video on there to sell your products to your customer.

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  • Greg Sachs