Why PrintUSB.com?


We love manufacturing and printing bulk drives here at PrintUSB. We think that’s a good reason why you should work with us.

However, you deserve some specifics on how we make our passions work in your favor.

  1. We enjoy helping you find the find the best flash drive solution. We will work with you tirelessly until every aspect of the sales process has been hammered out and thoroughly reviewed. We are committed to answering any and every question you might have about your custom flash drive order.
  2. Our prices. We manufacture directly and specifically for you, which helps ensure the best return on your investment.
  3. Extended business hours. We are at your beckon call, regardless of time zone. This type of open and easy communication allows for every detail to be solidified.
  4. We only use top quality memory in our bulk order flash drives. This reinforces the quality of your flash drives and ensures dependability.
  5. We always stand by our product. If a problem arises regarding the quality of your custom ordered USB drive, we will stand by it, and if need be, replace it.

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  • Greg Sachs
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