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Recently, successfully helped the YMCA implement a faster, cheaper technique for sharing electronic information. Keep reading to find out what led a key YMCA representative to say “I haven’t stopped talking about to friends and colleagues”.

The Client


The Problem

The YMCA needed a faster, more reliable way to distribute electronic information. The company was also concerned with reducing its environmental impact. Not to mention the fact that saving money is also a factor. As a first-time buyer of customized flash drives, the YMCA wasn’t sure what to expect. They turned to the internet to find an online USB retailer. was ready to meet their every need.

The Solution

YMCA chose for their flash drives order. “We went on the internet and typed USB and liked the ease of navigating the PrintUSB site—one stop shopping from the USB to the lanyard to the gift box,” said Richard, Resource Director for YMCA of the USA in Northern Illinois. “We enjoyed working with the sales representative. He walked me through the process, gave me options, and then delivered.”

The YMCA placed a bulk order for 1GB USB drives with pre-downloaded documents. allows customers to order USB drives with documents pre-loaded onto them as this can be used for promotional campaigns and other purposes. Not only is this a time saver, it’s also an eco-friendly option we like to provide to our clients.

In addition to the 1 GB USB drives, the YMCA also purchased customized lanyards from Customized lanyards are typically used for outfitting company employees for easy transport of USB drives as well as for identification and promoting the brand to customers. The YMCA’s lanyards were fully customized to their specifications, and arrived in a timely fashion with the accompanying custom USB drives.

The YMCA was thrilled with their experience at The company began the process not knowing what to expect when purchasing USB drives online. Their concerns were completely alleviated when’s experienced customer service staff guided them through the entire process, answering every question they had. Because of’s remarkable customer service and delivery of goods according to the customer’s exact specifications, the YMCA now plans to recommend to friends and colleagues.

“I haven’t stopped talking!” exclaimed Richard.


Here at we strive to provide the very best for each and every one our clients. Whether big order or small, we ensure the order is handled to the client’s exact specification. In the case of the YMCA’s order, this was no different. We’re pleased to have provided their organization with an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient product.

To place your order with visit our website, call us: 877-442-7465, or e-mail us: We’ll walk you through the process just as we’ve done for the YMCA.